AH-64E Apache Helicopter

AH-64 Apache


Hupp Aerospace / Defense offers tailored maintenance kits in support of the AH-64 Apache platform.

AH-64 Apache Phase Kits

AH-64 Apache Non-phase kits

Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HAD211FTR AH-64 500 Hour Phase $30,761.18
HAD213FTR AH-64 250 Hour Phase $1,774.51
HKH64-0050 AH-64 D Model 50 Hour Inspection Kit $84.83
HKH64-0100 AH-64 D Model 125 Hour Phase Kit $320.42
HKH64-0101 AH-64 D Model 250 Hour Phase $2,102.32
HKH64-0102 AH-64 D Model 500 Hour Phase $17,693.59
HKH64-0104 AH-64D Main Rotor 500 Hour Phase Kit $45,805.54
HKH64-0106 AH-64D D Model 500 Hour Tail Rotor Swashplate Kit $3,731.74
HKH64-0111 AH-64D AH-64 30mm Gun, 180 Inspection Kit $503.02
HKH64E-0100 AH-64E E Model 125 Hour Phase Kit $5,672.87
HKH64E-0101 AH-64E E Model 250 Hour Phase Kit $5,140.58
HKH64E-0102 AH-64E E Model 500 Hour Phase Kit $31,137.85
Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HKH64-0105 AH-64 Shock Strut Assembly Overhaul $1,092.22
HKH64-0106 AH-64 Tail Rotor Swashplate Kit $3,820.1
HKH64-0108 AH-64 Goodyear Main Wheel Kit $2,045.33
HKH64-0110 AH-64 Goodyear Tail Wheel Kit $1,432.54
HKH64-0111 AH-64 30mm Gun, 180 Day Inspection $503.02
HKH64-0112 AH-64 O-Ring, Environmental Control System Kit $874.44
HKH64-0113 AH-64 Bellcrank Bushing Kit # 1 (1495) $2,214.52
HKH64-0114 AH-64 Bellcrank Bushing Kit #2 (2263) $917.27
HKH64-0115 AH-64 Bellcrank Bushing Kit #3 (2262) $3,587.90
HKH64-0116 AH-64 Bellcrank Bushing Kit # 4 (2538) $1,184.35
HKH64-0121 AH-64 AFT Fuel Cell Kit $283.82
HKH64-0122 AH-64 FWD Fuel Cell Kit $159.84
HKH64E-0123FTC AH-64E Tail Rotor Head Kit $7,029.54

AH-64/UH-60 701 Engine Kits

Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HKH701-0100 AH-64/UH-60 701C/701D Engine RESET ESRA Kit $5,895.08
HKH701-0125 AH-64/UH-60 60/64 ASB Engine Kit $6,047.13
HKH701-0127 AH-64 64 701 Engine Sub Kit $1,099.13
HKH701-0129 AH-64 64 QCA 701 Engine Kit $2,438.14

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Please contact us for more information about any of the above kits or to inquire about a tailored Hupp Kit for your application.