HUPP Appoints Director of Business Development

HUPP Aerospace / Defense is pleased to announce the appointment of Myles Williams to the position of Director of Business Development.  Myles will have day-to-day management responsibility over all Business Development Managers and activities.  He will also play an integral role in helping establish our strategic direction moving forward.

Myles joined our HUPP Team in February 2015 as our West Coast B.D. Manager.  In that time, Myles has assumed a key leadership role within the group and his Army Aviation background has been indispensable to the Team.  He has a distinguished Army Aviation career that concluded as Commander over the 1106th TASMG, and will continue to support the Army Aviation mission in this new capacity.  Myles holds a BS in International Business and an MBA in Leadership/Management. 

With this new appointment, we look forward to continuing to earn the trust and confidence of the customers we’re so proud to support.


Ron S. Root


HUPP Aerospace / Defense

Candace Marquardt