CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

CH-47 Chinook


Hupp Aerospace / Defense offers tailored maintenance kits in support of the CH-47 Chinook platform.

CH-47 Chinook Phase Kits

Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HAD214FTR CH-47 400-HR Phase $14,244.36
HAD723FTR CH-47 200-HR Cycle Service Plan (CSP) $7,399.84
HKH47-0099 CH-47 100-HR Inspection Kit Contact Us
HKH47-0100 CH-47 200 Hour Cycle Service Plan (CSP) Kit $10,031.24
HKH47-0101 CH-47 400 Hour Cucle Service Plan (CSP) Kit $25,292.54

CH-47 Chinook Non-phase kits

Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HAD209FTR CH-47 Fuel Cell Inspection Kit $2,407.55
HAD210FTR CH-47 Main Fuel Cell Kit $8,231.03
HKH47-0101A CH-47D/F 400 APU CSP Kit (incl. w/ HKH47-0101) $1,489.46
HKH47-0101B CH-47D/F 400 Hour Engine CSP Kit (incl. w/ HKH47-0101) $1,439.50
HKH47-0103 CH-47 Main Wheel Kit $2,240.80
HKH47-0104 CH-47 714 Engine Tail Pipe Repair Kit Contact Us
HKH47-0105 CH-47 Link Assembly Kit Contact Us
HKH47-0110 CH-47 FWD 1200 Hour Rotor Head Inspection $5,841.07
HKH47-0111 CH-47 AFT 1200 Hour Rotor Head Inspection $5,841.07
HKH47-0114 CH-47 Fuel Cell Phase (Includes ERFS II MOD) $10,316.26
HKH47-0115 CH-47 Main Fuel Cell Replacement (1 Main Fuel Cell) Kit Contact Us
HKH47-0117 CH-47 Engine Field (TB) Kit $2,552.55
HKH47-0118 CH-47 Engine RESET ESRA Kit $5,989.13
HKH47-0124 CH-47 FWD XMSN Kit $13,927.06
HKH47-0125 CH-47 AFT XMSN Kit $22,260.23
HKH47-0130 CH-47 Combining (C-Box) XSMN Kit $16,070.51
HKH47-0131 CH-47 Engine XMSN Parts Kit Contact Us
HKH47-0132 CH-47 Swashplate Overhaul Kit Contact Us
HKH47-0141 CH-47 FWD 1200 Hour Swashplate Kit (MOD) Contact Us
HKH47-0142 CH-47 AFT 1200 Hour Swashplate Kit (MOD) Contact Us
HKH47-0144 CH-47 Build-up Kit Contact Us

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Please contact us for more information about any of the above kits or to inquire about a tailored Hupp Kit for your application.