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Corrosion Prevention

Hupp is currently producing military corrosion prevention and repair kits for both land and aviation applications. Our corrosion prevention and repair kit was developed to repair and prevent oxidization, rust, deterioration and weathering on vehicles. The kits are available for training purposes and for use in the field. Corrosion kits are made to order and available with minimal lead time. See below for standard HUPP KIT® configurations and MSRP pricing.

Kit # Platform Description MSRP
HKH-0101 Multiple Corrosion Prevention Control Kit for Ground/Missile Contact Us
HKH-0101B Multiple Ground/Missile Basic CPC Kit Contact Us
HKH-0102 Multiple Corrosion Prevention Control Kit for Aviation Contact Us
HKH-0103 Multiple Corrosion Prevention Control Kit for THAAD Contact Us
HKH-0103B Multiple Basic THAAD Contact Us
HKH-0105 Multiple Missile Corrosion Service Team Prevention Tool Kit Contact Us

Please feel free to Contact one of our Sales Support or Business Development staff members with any inquiry.  We would be happy to help you select the right HUPP KIT® for your application or tailor a custom kit for your specific project.