OH-58D Kiowa Helicopter

OH-58 Kiowa


Hupp Aerospace / Defense offers tailored maintenance kits in support of the OH-58 Kiowa platform.

OH-58 Kiowa Phase Kits

Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HKH58-0100 OH-58A/C 300 Hour Phase Kit $1,644.51

OH-58 Kiowa Non-Phase Kits

Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HKH58-0101 OH-58 Servo Cylinder Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0103 OH-58 Starter-Generator Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0105 OH-58 Servo Cylinder Modification Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0107 OH-58 Starter Generator-150SG110Q Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0108 OH-58 Delta Electronics Fan Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0109 OH-58 Delta Engine PMCS Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0109A OH-58 Nipple Tube Kit (Sub-Kit for HKH58-0109) Contact Us
HKH58-0111 OH-58 Rotary Repair Valve Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0116 OH-58 Tail Rotor Gear Box Input Seal Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0117 OH-58 Tail Rotor Gear Box Output Shaft Seal Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0118 OH-58 Main Rotor Hub 1200-HR Inspection Kit Contact Us

Please contact us for more information about any of the above kits or to inquire about a tailored Hupp Kit for your application.