We offer a number of HUPP KIT® options for phase, inspection, and component overhaul needs for the OH-58 Kiowa Helicopter. See below for standard HUPP KIT® configurations and MSRP pricing.

Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HKH58-0100 OH-58A/C 300 Hour Phase Kit Contact Us
Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HKH58-0101 OH-58 Servo Cylinder Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0103 OH-58 Starter-Generator Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0105 OH-58 Servo Cylinder Modification Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0107 OH-58 Starter Generator-150SG110Q Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0108 OH-58 Delta Electronics Fan Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0109 OH-58 Delta Engine PMCS Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0109A OH-58 Nipple Tube Kit (Sub-Kit for HKH58-0109) Contact Us
HKH58-0111 OH-58 Rotary Repair Valve Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0116 OH-58 Tail Rotor Gear Box Input Seal Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0117 OH-58 Tail Rotor Gear Box Output Shaft Seal Kit Contact Us
HKH58-0118 OH-58 Main Rotor Hub 1200-HR Inspection Kit Contact Us

Please feel free to Contact one of our Sales Support or Business Development staff members with any inquiry.  We would be happy to help you select the right HUPP KIT® for your application or tailor a custom kit for your specific project.