HUPP pioneered the effective use of tailored kitting, the HUPP Kit®, for improving parts reliability so you can reduce maintenance cycle time, improve mission readiness and meet your demanding production schedules.

HUPP Aerospace / Defense is a leading provider of Tailored Kitting Solutions and Supply Chain Services to industry and government. Our customers include major MRO providers, the Department of Defense, Foreign Militaries and Fleet Operators.



At HUPP we have an array of kitting and supply chain management capabilities. Our customers have come to rely on us to help them overcome some of their most difficult supply challenges. Whether you are an MRO activity, OEM, Fleet Operator or government entity, we invite you to contact us to learn more about how Hupp can bring the reliability, efficiency and cost-lowering results of tailored kitting to your operation.



At HUPP our goal is to employ a process driven approach from top to bottom. Our ability to adapt, manage opportunities, and simplify complex supply chain management issues is the core of our business. Hupp is your partner in simplifying your supply chain management needs, helping you to maximize efficiencies in your own organization.