We offer dozens of HUPP KIT® options for phase, inspection, and component overhaul needs for the UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter. See below for standard HUPP KIT® configurations and MSRP pricing.

*Preferred pricing available for all USG and Domestic Operators

Kit # Aircraft Description LIST
HAD2G130 UH-60 500 Hour Phase Contact Us
HADPMI-1 UH-60A/L 360 Hour PMI Kit $8,971.61*
HADPMI-2 UH-60A/L 720 Hour PMI Kit $31,815.14*
HKH60-PMI1 UH-60A/L 480 Hour PMI Kit $17,027.05*
HKH60-PMI2 UH-60A/L 960 Hour PMI Kit $31,815.14*
HKH60M-PMI1 UH-60M M Model 480 Hour PMI Kit $12,039.22*
HKH60M-PMI2 UH-60M M Model 960 Hour PMI Kit $32,422.59*
HAD130AWR HH-60 Phase Kit A $39,926.91*
HAD130BWR HH-60 Phase Kit B Contact Us
Kit # Aircraft Description LIST
HKH60-0103 UH-60 Main Damper Indicator #2 Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0104 UH-60 Main Rotor Head Damper Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0105 UH-60 Brake, Multiple Disk Main Landing Gear Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0106 UH-60 Main Landing Gear Shock Strut Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0107 UH-60 Brake Assembly Contact Us
HKH60-0108 UH-60 Oil Cooled Alter. Current Generator Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0111 UH-60 Parker Hannifin Main Wheel Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0112 UH-60 Tail Wheel Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0113 UH-60 Goodyear Main Wheel Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0114 UH-60 Engine Packing Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0115 UH-60 Input Assembly Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0116 UH-60 Load Demand Assembly Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0118 UH-60 Tail Strut Replacement Parts Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0122 UH-60 ESCV Field Cleaning and Checkout Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0126-CK UH-60 48/MO Service Kit (Complete) Contact Us
HKH60-0126 UH-60 48/MO Flight Control Rod Installation Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0126A UH-60 48/MO Cabin Tub (Hardware) Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0126B UH-60 48/MO Fuel Cell O-Ring Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0129 UH-60 Cross-Over Solenoid Repair Valve Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0130 UH-60 Start Valve Service Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0132 UH-60 Main Rotor Damper Kit (3024-Depot) Contact Us
HKH60-0133 UH-60 Collective Servo (Damper, Flutter) Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0135 UH-60 Stabilator Motor Driver Module Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0136 UH-60 Stab Box Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0139 UH-60 360 Hour Main Landing Gear and Drag Beam Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0140 UH-60 Damper Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0141 UH-60 365 Day Service Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0142 UH-60 250 Hour Service Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0145 UH-60 34.5 Left Beam Kitt Contact Us
HKH60-0146 UH-60 34.5 Right Beam Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0147 UH-60 Load Out Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0149 UH-60A/L Main Rotor Servo Kit Contact Us
HKH60M-0101 UH-60M Basic Balance Kit Contact Us
HKH60M-0101C UH-60M Basic Balance Kit W/ Case Contact Us
Kit # Aircraft Description LIST
HKH701-0100 AH-64/UH-60 701C/701D Engine RESET ESRA Kit Contact Us
HKH701-0125 AH-64/UH-60 60/64 ASB Engine Kit Contact Us
HKH701-0126 UH-60 60 701 Engine Sub Kit Contact Us
HKH701-0128 UH-60 60 QCA 701 Engine Kit Contact Us

Please feel free to Contact one of our Sales Support or Business Development staff members with any inquiry.  We would be happy to help you select the right HUPP KIT® for your application or tailor a custom kit for your specific project.