UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter

UH-60 Black Hawk


Hupp Aerospace / Defense offers tailored maintenance kits in support of the UH-60 Black Hawk platform.

UH-60 Black Hawk Phase Kits

Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HAD2G130 UH-60 500 Hour Phase $39,200.00
HADPMI-1 UH-60A/L 360 Hour PMI Kit $8,971.61
HADPMI-2 UH-60A/L 720 Hour PMI Kit $31,815.14
HKH60-PMI1 UH-60A/L 480 Hour PMI Kit $17,027.05
HKH60-PMI2 UH-60A/L 960 Hour PMI Kit $31,815.14
HKH60M-PMI1 UH-60M M Model 480 Hour PMI Kit $12,039.22
HKH60M-PMI2 UH-60M M Model 960 Hour PMI Kit $32,422.59
HAD130AWR HH-60 Phase Kit A $38,590.63
HAD130BWR HH-60 Phase Kit B $52,114.86

UH-60 Black Hawk Non-phase kits

Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HKH60-0103 UH-60 Main Damper Indicator #2 Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0104 UH-60 Main Rotor Head Damper Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0105 UH-60 Brake, Multiple Disk Main Landing Gear Kit $3,460.03
HKH60-0106 UH-60 Main Landing Gear Shock Strut Kit $7,327.51
HKH60-0107 UH-60 Brake Assembly $2,194.86
HKH60-0108 UH-60 Oil Cooled Alter. Current Generator Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0111 UH-60 Parker Hannifin Main Wheel Kit $1,337.07
HKH60-0112 UH-60 Tail Wheel Kit $897.00
HKH60-0113 UH-60 Goodyear Main Wheel Kit $2,771.42
HKH60-0114 UH-60 Engine Packing Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0115 UH-60 Input Assembly Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0116 UH-60 Load Demand Assembly Kit $110.92
HKH60-0118 UH-60 Tail Strut Replacement Parts Kit $935.31
HKH60-0122 UH-60 ESCV Field Cleaning and Checkout Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0126-CK UH-60 48/MO Service Kit (Complete) $1,792.38
HKH60-0126 UH-60 48/MO Flight Control Rod Installation Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0126A UH-60 48/MO Cabin Tub (Hardware) Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0126B UH-60 48/MO Fuel Cell O-Ring Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0129 UH-60 Cross-Over Solenoid Repair Valve Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0130 UH-60 Start Valve Service Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0132 UH-60 Main Rotor Damper Kit (3024-Depot) $603.64
HKH60-0133 UH-60 Collective Servo (Damper, Flutter) Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0135 UH-60 Stabilator Motor Driver Module Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0136 UH-60 Stab Box Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0139 UH-60 360 Hour Main Landing Gear and Drag Beam Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0140 UH-60 Damper Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0141 UH-60 365 Day Service Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0142 UH-60 250 Hour Service Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0145 UH-60 34.5 Left Beam Kitt Contact Us
HKH60-0146 UH-60 34.5 Right Beam Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0147 UH-60 Load Out Kit Contact Us
HKH60-0149 UH-60A/L Main Rotor Servo Kit $324.81
HKH60M-0101 UH-60M Basic Balance Kit Contact Us
HKH60M-0101C UH-60M Basic Balance Kit W/ Case $5,484.15

AH-64/UH-60 701 Engine Kits

Kit # Aircraft Description MSRP
HKH701-0100 AH-64/UH-60 701C/701D Engine RESET ESRA Kit $5,895.08
HKH701-0125 AH-64/UH-60 60/64 ASB Engine Kit $6,047.13
HKH701-0126 UH-60 60 701 Engine Sub Kit $1,099.13
HKH701-0128 UH-60 60 QCA 701 Engine Kit $1,236.21

Please contact us for more information about any of the above kits or to inquire about a tailored Hupp Kit for your application.